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Dominican Girls Club
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Dominican Girls Members Addresses are Priced as Follows:
Ordering Options Prices (US$)
per option
per address
Package A:   Up to 10 contacts $39.00   $3.90
Package B:   Up to 25 contacts $49.00   $1.96
Package B:   Up to 50 contacts $69.00   $1.38
Package C:   Up to 100 contacts (THE MAXCONTACTS PACKAGE)   Offers MAX SAVING / MAX DATING opportunity
$99.00   $0.99
  • - We support ALL Email addresses (see our guarantee for details).
  • - We are an online dating site and never sell Home addresses for correspondence. We DO NOT and cannot guarantee-support telephone numbers, responses to your personal email messages, and content-results of personal telephone conversations.
  • - All members must have a valid email address to be on site. Those who do not are removed.
  • - You will receive Email info and telephone number (when indicated in a bio profile). Mentions of Telephone in a bio profile is your guide in the selection process.